Professional Cable Assembly Manufacturer more than 15 years!

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MCT (Micro-Coaxial Technology)  is a Global manufacturer of cable assemblies,connectors,
and interconnection solutions. 
Established in 2000, we have established long-term
business relationship with the customers from all over the world.Our factory line are
specializing in the machine vision cable,industrial cable,special cable,electronic cable,
equipment cable, automotive cable, medical device cable, sensor connecting cable,
RF cable, Chainflex cable, high flex bending cable, Waterproof cable and Line test
measurement cable,also offering OEM/ODM service.
The cable such as Camera link
cable,camera link cable,cameralink cable,PoCL cable,camera link,Mini camera link,
3M camera link cable,SDR cable,MDR cable,Camera link HS,SCSI cable,SCSI cable
,Industrial cable,Medical cable,Waterproof cable,Molded cable assembly,
SAS cable assembly,Custom SAS cable,D-sub cable,HDMI cable,DVI cable etc.
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custom D-Sub Cable Assemblies

Price: according to quantity & spec
Custom D-Sub Cable Assembly

Price: according to quantity & spec
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